For me landscape and outdoor photography encompass a great deal of subject matter and affords me the opportunity to explore the world and share the most beautiful, rare and unique experiences.  The images derived from these encounters range from iconic landscapes, to unique rock formations, to beautiful sunrises and sunsets, to nature’s wonders, to wildlife, etc.  I typically am drawn to the great outdoors and photography simply allows me to share my experiences.

 My experiences began in Cocoa Beach Florida where I was born, while my father was deployed to Vietnam with the US Army.  I lived the rest of my adolescent years moving from place to place living the life of an Army Brat.  We lived mostly on the east coast and Germany, where I graduated high school.  I then attended the University of New Hampshire earning a degree in Business Administration and then signed on for Active Duty for the US Army as well.

 While in the Army I volunteered for as many technical and physical schools as I could in order to get the full experience.  Some of these included Airborne, Air Assault and Ranger School.  I learned a lot about myself and my capabilities and limits and solidified my love for adventure and the great outdoors. I stayed on active duty for ten years.  When my son was born my priorities changed to family life and I made the decision to leave the Army.  I moved to Las Vegas and have been here for the past 17 years.  During this time I have owned and operated several small businesses before discovering how to share the beauty of my life's experiences through photography. I am 100% self-taught and currently pursue this passion on a full time basis.

I spend a lot of time hikiing and exploring the locations I visit, and although I do have a plan, I use that as a guideline and try to live unscripted in order to caputure beautiful and unique moments to share with you.  I hope you enjoy and I welcome your comments. 

Dave Nydam